Importance of Hay for Rabbits

The main diet ingredient for every single rabbit ever born is fresh grass and hay, (dried grass). The high fibre content in grass is essential and the single most important thing in maintaining optimum intestinal and dental health in all rabbits. Without this crucial fibre, a rabbit's digestive system will not function properly. The movement of food through the gut will slow down, causing all manor of illnesses and, more often than not, can lead to an early death.

The crucial fibre in hay/grass is also essential for the dental health of rabbits. Rabbit's teeth grow all the time, and need the chewing action of course substances to wear down teeth to
stop them becoming painfully long. If teeth do get too long it can inhibit a rabbit's ability to eat, swallow and groom themselves, all of which are essential functions for any rabbit.

Timothy Hay is by far the most popular and probably the best kind you can give your rabbit as their basic hay source. Timothy hay is a good all-around choice for unlimited
offering to your rabbit. Timothy hay is a mix of leaves and stems from Timothy grass, which is a perennial bunch grass. Timothy grass is a cool-season grass and it works well for bunnies with delicate digestive systems. It provides very good fibre content and is a thick, coarse hay. Timothy Hay is high in fibre and low in protein which is a combination critical to the health of rabbits and other small animals. The protein and fibre levels help to keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning properly.

Timothy Hay should be fed as 'free-choice' food daily, meaning it should be available at ALL TIMES. Timothy hay is the better choice of hay as it comes straight from the farm, sun-dried naturally and is free from pesticides from Hay For Sale Toronto. This makes it more fragrant, greener and more palatable.

Note: Timothy Hay is more suitable for adult rabbits
due to the low calcium content.

Source: Vancouver Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy